Exiled Kingdoms RPG 放逐王國 v1.2.1118 修改解鎖 MOD Apk

Exiled Kingdoms RPG


Exiled Kingdoms RPG ( 放逐王國 ) 算是一款相當經典的單人角色扮演手遊 APP,在遊戲中玩家將獨自探索一個未知的世界,而在這個世界中必須透過與人交談來獲取各種資訊,利用這些對話的線索來解決所遇到的任務以及敵人。


Game Hack Info:


英文名稱: Exiled Kingdoms RPG

中文名稱: 放逐王國

遊戲語言: 英文

安裝包大小:125 MB

修改形式: MOD 金幣

適用系統: Android 4.1 以上版本


其它事項:已破解, 免外掛支援




最新更新: (取自官方 Google Play)


-Polish localization complete, german & turkish improved. Thanks, translation team!
-Achievements “Why the rush” and “Hardcore” will now be unlocked correctly with certain game ending.
-Beheaded Ones will stop respawning when the Executioner dies.
-Call of Blood quest: in rare cases, after the final battle certain cage wouldn’t open. Added a second check to open it when approached.
-Hirge’s Retribution skill should now work correctly.
-Updated internal libraries.


提供者:4 Dimension Games

Website: https://www.facebook.com/exiledkingdoms/




MOD version1 – 1.2.1115

    1. Money + Unlocked 無限金錢及解鎖購買



Exiled Kingdoms RPG 下載


File Type APK
Prcie Free
Installation NO.1293




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