DC Legends 為正義戰鬥 v1.22.4 修改高傷 MOD Apk

DC Legends


DC Legends Battle for Justice ( DC Legends: 為正義戰鬥 ) 一款以英雄為主軸的角色扮演手遊 APP,在遊戲中玩家可以挑選自己喜愛的人物,像是蝙蝠俠、超人、閃電俠等來進行戰鬥,過程中須不斷提升隊伍的能力來迎接更強的挑戰。


Game Hack Info:


英文名稱: DC Legends Battle for Justice

中文名稱: DC Legends 為正義戰鬥

遊戲語言: 英文

安裝包大小:50 MB

修改形式: MOD 解鎖

適用系統: Android 4.4 以上版本


其它事項:已破解, 免外掛支援




最新更新: (取自官方 Google Play)


We’ve added plenty of new characters for you to battle in DC Legends!

* Beast Boy has a whale of a time clawing his way to victory.
* Donna Troy stuns her enemies with Amazonian might.
* Brainiac uses his 12th level intellect to shield and protect his minions.
* General Zod makes his enemies kneel with his devastating Kryptonian strength.
* There’s blood in the water as Black Manta rises from the depths.
* Ocean Master shields his allies as he marches to seize the throne of Atlantis.


提供者:Warner Bros.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/DCLegends/




MOD version1 – 1.22.4

  1. unlock level limit access 解鎖等級限制


MOD version2 – 1.22.3

  1. instant kill on revenge of an attack



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File Type APK
Prcie Free
Installation NO.1377




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