Snipers vs Thieves 狙擊手 vs 盜賊團 v2.1.26173 修改彈藥 MOD

Snipers vs Thieves


Snipers vs Thieves ( 狙擊手 vs 盜賊團 ) 一款相當具有特色的動作射擊手遊,在遊戲裡玩家可以選擇當狙擊手或是盜賊,當前者的話就是必須要在小偷搭車離開前將他們格殺,而後者則是要躲避被狙擊的機會,然後邁向成功的路。


Game Hack Info:


英文名稱: Snipers vs Thieves

中文名稱: 狙擊手 vs 盜賊團

遊戲語言: 英文版

安裝包大小:250 MB

修改形式: MOD 彈藥

適用系統: Android 4.4 以上版本


其它事項:已破解, 免外掛支援




最新更新: (取自官方 Google Play)


Happy Holidays to all our festive loot lovers!
SvT “Xmas Edition” contains more gifts than Santa’s grotto itself..

* CLANS! Our elves have been able to rebuild clan heists just in time for the winter break!
* WINTER MAPS! It’s been snowing in Sniper land and it looks like the Theives have already constructed a few Snowmen!
* NEW MASKS! A bizarre range of new masks guaranteed to leave you questioning whether it’s actually Christmas at all!


提供者: PlayStack





MOD version1 – 2.1.26173

  1. Infinite Ammo 無限彈藥
  2. Instant Kill 即時殺戮
  3. Rapid Fire 快速射擊
  4. No Recoil 無後座力
  5. No Reload
  6. Max Accuracy
  7. Max Stability
  8. Laser Activated
  9. AntiBan



Snipers vs Thieves 下載


File Type APK
Prcie Free
Installation NO.1983



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